A picture’s worth a thousand words

Original Illustration

Illustration brings huge added value to your projects, whether in print, digital or motion.

Where possible and where it is most effective I will bring illustration into my client projects. An original illustration style or unique characterisation can greatly enhance brand storytelling and provide an engaging anchor for potential and existing customers alike.

Also concept visuals and storyboards are a great driver for ideas. I frequently work with my clients or third party agencies and film makers to create pitch concepts or shooting boards. These give breathing space and agility to ideas without becoming mired in detail.



Editorial illustration for Food Magazine


I partnered with a third party shopper marketing agency to create a series of pitch visualisations. The success of the pitch resulted in the award of a 12 month instore and on-line campaign.


Readers Digest Equity Release – I partnered with a third party agency to produce concept boards for a pair of DRTV commercials. A key element of a pitch, the visuals were used to test the potential effectiveness of the campaign with a focus group selected from the chosen demographic.

Partnering with a global advertising agency I created multiple boards and visuals for the Google Skills to Go program. From the boards, the agency shot a series of DRTV commercials which were rolled out across major social media platforms. Additional visualisations were used to pitch a print-led of Out of Home campaign.


Concepts for in-store activations and experiential events

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