Creating standout decks, screenshows & event graphics

Royal Bank of Scotland

First impressions are so important, so how you present yourself and your business is a vital part of success

An impactful, engaging and well designed creds deck or brand toolkit can make all the difference to a successful presentation. I work with businesses to analyse and collate their data to best deliver to their target audience.



Navigating the complex world of FX trading is not straightforward so choosing the correct trading platform is essential for companies and individuals. I created a presentation deck to help sell in and communicate the strengths of the RBS platform and guide the user through the strengths and benefits as well as communicate the ways to avoid pitfalls and obstacles along the way.

Blu from Imperial Brands is the market leading e-cigarette and aid to quit. I designed a presentation tool to showcase the suite of products offered by the Blu brand and help train retail personnel in communicating the options on offer to the consumer.

The tool utilised motion graphics, 3d animations and downloadable data to deliver a solution for mobile, tablet and laptop.

Imperial Blue Laptop Presentation
Imperial Blue Laptop Presentation
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